Become a member of the first social network that makes you smile !quote_end

Find new friends thank’s to Tsheezzquote_end

Sarah, a law student and fan of techno
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Become a member of the first social network that makes you smile !quote_end

Makes an appointment with your
buddies through Tsheezzquote_end

Gregory, fan of skateboarding – France Champion
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Become a member of the first social network that makes you smile !quote_end

Communicate in a modern
way through Tsheezzquote_end

John, sales representative for Mycompany
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Become a member of the first social network that makes you smile !quote_end

Share your passion
with Tsheezzquote_end

Sam, leader of the club : The runners
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Tsheezz.me is the social web network that makes easy true contacts... in real life ! quote_end


Using a simple smartphone and the App Tsheezz, you can flash the QR code of another member of the community Tsheezz (printed on its Iphone, on a key ring, on its Tee, ...).


After flashing a member, he will become your friend. You also will have the possibility to add him on  your address book of your mobile phone. You’ll then be able to send messages via the Tsheezz messaging function or give him an appointment on your profile by adding your next activity.


Tsheezz.me wants its members meet to share their passion or expand their network of contacts. On Tsheezz.me, no history and no photos! Only information making contacts and meetings easier. You jog and want friends run with you tonight? You want to go clubbing? You participate in a professional conference? You go to a concert?

How does it work ? quote_end

Deviens membre de tsheezz
Montre ton QR code tsheezz
Profite de ton carnet de contact tsheezz

Why the concept Tsheezz is so cool ? quote_end



  • Tsheezz is real time… you flashed the Tsheezz code of a member? Your new friend's profile is immediately displayed on your smartphone and a genious feature allows you to download his vCard. That's all;-) You have become friends now and can stay in touch with Tsheezz (no need to look for the person by typing its name, to ask him to be a friend, to wait he accepts,…)
  • Tsheezz is 100% secure.
    • To be friend, you had to cross and agree to Tsheezz one or the other.
    • VIP code prevents unsolicited flashages.
  • Tsheezz focuses on the future! What interests our members is to meet again to share their passion together.Tsheezz doesn’t publish any picture or information relating to the past in order to fully preserve the privacy of its members.
  • Tsheezz focuses on the essential : The profile of a member will only display his personal information, his passions and his next appointment
  • Tsheezz is multi-purpose…. Do what you want with Tsheezz : business, sport, meeting, dating, ... Each member uses the network as he wants … without any trial
  • Tsheezz appears… Tsheezz wants to make easier the real contacts ... in real life. ? You too? Show it by posting your Tsheezz connect!
Create a Tsheezz account

Take part of our Facebook contest quote_end

  • You have a lot of Facebook friends ? Share our Facebook page and win one of our 250 Tshirts Tsheezz Collector
  • Each Tshirt Tsheezz is unique ! Yes yes .... UNIQUE ... because each Tee has a unique code Qr connected to your profile. The Tee was created by the popular Belgian Street Artist Denis Meyers
  • Contestants will be ranked based on their number of friends. The first 250 will receive these exclusive Tshirts.
  • We need you to make our network famous ! Receive our gift and become our ambassador. Other goodies are also available at our shop at www.tsheezz.me

Use our Tsheezz concept for your communications
campaign ? quote_end

Event Organizer

  • Are you organizing an event and would like to leave your guests a unique gift that will allow you to stay in touch with them?
  • Contact us and we will offer you some nice goodies tailored to your event

Sports clubs

  • You must print the shirts and want to enjoy that your affiliates are in relationship with our network to announce the days of training or meeting?
  • Contact us and we will offer personalized printing services making each garment with our QR codes


  • You must give membership cards to different members of your association?
  • Contact us and we will offer personalized printing services making each card dynamic member


  • You want to make some business cards or marketing materials incorporating our QR codes ?
  • Contact us and we will manage for you the impressions of your interactive business cards

Organizer of exhibitions and fair

  • You organize an exhibition and want your visitors to replace traditional business card exchange visits by digital cards with our QR Codes ?
  • Contact us and we will demonstrate the value of our solution Event

Marketing agency

  • You want to offer your customers original and modern solutions to make their mark famous with their consumers ?
  • Contact us and we will demonstrate the interest of our business solution